28 September 2014

change of plans but not of heart

I really like the K-s1 in principle and execution, but I cannot manage the cost right now; a few more unexpected expenses make it a bad idea.  As for value the $800 price can't be justified - I can pick up an open-box K-3 for a similar price, and as while wandering virtually I found a K-50 with all the features that the K-s1 may or may not have, for Half the price!  Yes a white K-50 body with under 200 images taken; someone decided it wasn't for them so I shall make it mine.

The K-5 can now be sent off to the shop for the extra-mirrorflip issue that many have experienced.  Mine generally makes the extra mirror flip with a filled battery only while others' cameras were flipping the mirror at every button press or dial turn!

I still really want the K-s1 to succeed, and I like its compact and angular good looks quite a bit.  In a couple of years my finances should be more predictable, and then I shall look around at the market - perhaps that's when the K-s1 will be mine...

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