20 October 2017

alpha flashback

Curiosity sent me over to the Dyxum.com website, my old SonyAlpha hangout. After a bad guess or two I even came up with my ID and password, which had not been used in perhaps seven years? Always a surprise when something reappears like that, since I cannot remember yesterday's breakfast most days..

I updated my contact data and even posted a question about gear.

Nothing about imaging is certain for me right now, other than dissatisfaction with what I have + no funds to make any moves whatsoever. The GX7 was a financial casualty and the GX1 provides decent images on occasion but not what I had hoped. Actually the second go-round with the GX7 wasn't really great either. Given my small collection of Pentax gear that makes the most sense.. but why not consider an elder Alpha as well?

I am not a superstitious person. Even so..
In 2009 I took the a200 Alpha to the Sierra with my wife on our Yosemite backpack trip. In June 2010 I switched over to Pentax and felt good about it. Just over a month later my wife fell ill, and remains so to this day. In fact her illness struck a week after the A200 was sold! 
Of course Pentax has absolutely nothing to do with this.. absolutely. My wife will not get better because I return to alpha gear. Nope.

I look back with many regrets about gear, but no time travel is allowed; I must live with such things.
In fact it's time to review my blog history and learn something about myself!