19 August 2016

timetable shift!

As I mentioned in this pentax-forums post, I needed to accelerate my next-camera timetable today.

I planned to update my camera gear around Christmas-time.  First thoughts were a K-3 but the news that pixel-shift images can be corrected with computer software moved me toward the model II instead.  When I learned that silver bodies were available at the Pentax webstore, I was certain I had chosen my next camera..  and the last one for quite a while!

Then it struck me today.  Pentax seldom makes a lot of silver bodies, and when they run out it's over.
Sure enough, websites aplenty announced this was a limited run of 500 to commemorate Ricoh's eighty years in the camera business - and assuming those would last until December just wasn't a safe bet.

So it ends.
All my recent work to acquire some big-ticket items is done, and especially camera gear needs to settle for several months.
  • I sought out smaller cameras and ended up with a GM1 and the YoCam
  • I sought out a new vehicle for our rural home and found a used Ford Expolrer SportTrac
  • We replaced washer, dryer & refrigerator with efficient new Samsung models
  • The dream of a Pentax K-1 became a more practical but similarly impressive APSc option -
  • and we paid down a bunch of debt!
Now to figure out how to delete those ads for used cars and K-1 cameras..