03 August 2016

another K-kit

Given what I 've learned of various K-mount lenses (a little) and what I still have (plenty!) - the 'best' lens arrangement for my future K-# camera has changed a bit.

For one, I have 300mm covered well enough with the baby Quantaray mirror. since it has no aperture it can be set to Av and be done with it! That re-enables the 50-200wr to reappear in some form, for weather comfort and decent size/quality. I've found the newer DAL 50-200wr to be a more consistent performer for no sensible reason, so one of those will cover telephoto. On the wide side, the Sigma 28-80 with its 1:2 closeups really deserves more time, so crowding it on the low end is less vital. My WR options are not thick on the wide end - the 18-50, 20-40 or large *16-50/2.8 are in play. I have a bid on the 20-40 that will not win without more padding, but the new RE 18-50 really would be a small treat - especially with the knowledge that above 35mm I can switch in the 28-80. Another wonderful option is the 16-45 f/4, no weather seals but a great hiking choice. If money were less of an issue, the 15 and 21 Limited would be welcome additions!

So here's the K∙50/K-3ii kit plan
  • zooms: 'wide', 28-90, 50-200 (see next post: 'wide' = DAL 18-55wr)
  • primes: 28M, 50A, 100M, 300Q, 400 Hanimar.
.. but what if? 
The monster options for a K-1 differ a bit. I can easily pick up a bargain FA/J 75-300 or FA 100-300 for autofocus (at the cost of that f/3.5 aperture), or just shoot the 50-200 in crop mode.
  • zooms: 28-90 and JCPenney 80-200/3.5
  • prime kit: same as above.