28 July 2016

mostly right

self portrait with mirrors
I've always had a soft spot for the underdog.  The Pentax K-01 fits this role perfectly (as the K-s1 did later). It was reviled by the press for being unconventional yet delivering big-time on image quality. It's a K-5 in everything but shape viewfinder and AF system! It's not a great fit with bulky telephoto lenses but give it lightweight lenses and it will produce consistently excellent images.

I have another white K-01 body and recently I stuck the Sigma 28-90mm 1:2 'macro' lens on it. Generally it's fast to focus (although the K-01 CDAF is not swift at all times) and it is a sharp lens. 

I have found that 1:2 satisfies my closeup needs quite nicely and this is a $30 lens that does the job very well.

I may be moving the K-01 soon to finance a K-3 body - and I'll miss it again.