29 July 2016

don't believe anything I say

.. but why are you still reading?

I really so want one of the $1500 K-1 bodies that I saw online today.  THREE of them, each a demo/likenew and each at a different location.  I will have some cash next week but very little right now - so even at $500 I must say no.

That includes all the K-3 bodies I saw a few days ago, which have all been sold. Even at $200 I must say no.

So Adorama drops in a surprise just for me, it seems: a demo K50 body for about $150. My paypal-dumpsite balance this evening (just after another lens sold) is.. $145?

OK: so for now I'm a K50 guy. 
This is a K50 iii - not because of Pentax introducing another silly-suffix camera model (and they are not alone doing this!), but because I have been forced to dump two previous K50s! However this one's black so I'll pretend the red ones didn't count!

Maybe next week I'll return it for another demo K-1.. or K-3?  Highly unlikely, but dreams die hard..

This means the white K-01 is now even more expendable as its similar sibling with Phase-AF and a real eyepiece rejoins the team. I'd love to say I don't need those items, but remember not to believe me if I do say so!