31 March 2016

ePM tuneup

Having tried a few more things with the camera it's now rounding into shape nicely. It's definitely making me work though - reading the manual or online references are pretty much mandatory with this one!

The touch-screen AF was elusive for curious reasons. I could turn on the AF+shoot screen (handy at times) or turn off touch-AF but the middle ground was missing. Just like the control panel, I did everything right but not quite enough; once aware of the third option it popped up easily. And my first attempts were select AF then half-press shutter - now I know that one must touch the screen longer for AF to kick in on the selected point!

With touch-AF available I've now moved the Fn button to AF-lock and removed focus tasks from the shutter button. That's how my Pentax cameras have been set for some time and it's nice to have that ability in a tiny camera.

On the Pentax side, things have gone quiet. The deal was good as done on selling the K·50 but the buyer decided to seek a K-3 instead.  I have feelers out to Adorama for a possible swap but have not heard back yet. They have a used 14-150 lens with weather seals and E+ rating, perhaps I will get my wide-angle and tele in one lens and let the 40-150 go? That would be a surprise. Most days I could use 14, 30 and 60 primes (dreaming now, so might as well add the 20) and the big lens would be available for all-purpose work.

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