27 March 2016

another fine surprise

Testing the ePM2 in very low light.

No images with flash or low ISO on a tripod, sorry - I'm not that deeply into tests, just the sort of 'why not try this?' variety. That's what I do, if you want more you're encouraged to look elsewhere.

Shot at top is iso 4000, which is my Auto-ISO range maximum.  Looks good!
The bottom is ISO 20,000.  Color is very decent, NR is quite visible - but not all that destructive except on details like fine text.  And I could do better in raw - these are jpegs! These are deep but not 100% crops, and the 'why not' result impresses me a lot. I knew the sensor was good but really now.. like this good?
I also did not feel any big-time focus lag for these; http://www.endoflow.com/exposure/ calculates this scene at EV3.

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