17 February 2016

hey coincidences happen OK?

I recently decided to upgrade my old and power-hungry Big Desktop by adding some memory.  After failing to achieve any good result (no doubt the ECC or other subtle feature is off - why does every damn motherboard require a very slightly different memory chip??) I ordered a new Core system with 1TB  drive at a great price..

..on the very same day that the 36Mpxl Pentax K-1 is announced!  No doubt this bargain beast would need more processing power and a spare 1TB drive.. but it's just a coincidence.  Those really do happen!

The K-1 shows some incredible talent & potential and at a price much lower than anticipated by nearly everyone for a 36×24 sensor (same size as 35mm film, for bizarre reasons aka "Full Frame").  It's not for me - but less not so than I expected.  Hey I was trying hard not to get a new computer so that will have to be enough spending for now!!

So back to that computer.. this smaller frame will reduce power consumption, increase performance and has WiFi built in for home-net simplicity.  Just yesterday I signed up for an online promo that could win me a $500 Amazon gift card, and the first e-mail they send out is $150 off this little thing.  While it would be marvelous to get $500 back as well, the deal was a good one.  I could add 2G more but no $150 off; amazing what 2G can do to a sale.  And heck, maybe the new DDR3 10600 &c &c I bought will work in this one! :^)


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