18 February 2016

For and against Proposition K-1

From imaging-resource.com
Arguments in opposition are short and easy.
  • $1800 that I don't have
  • 925 grams of beautifully-crafted bulk
But those in favor are numerous and occasionally surprising!
The SR rating of five stops is massive.  I hadn't considered that a larger mechanism for the 36×24 sensor would be more sensitive but it's clearly so.  The pixel-shift full color mode improved as well and can discard areas of blur in favor of clarity.
  Hmm is the ks2 clarity option in here too?  Yes it is! Clarity: adjustable ±4 steps

The third control subset is cool but better still to me is that the Info screen can be customized!  Focus points are more spread out, the APSc auto crop can be overridden.. so many things to please a photographer of any brand.  Good video too it seems, but R.Pentax continues to underplay the significance of video.  I am fine with that, having tried more video-centric cameras and been frustrated by their nearly-continuous AF.

As to items that I could like betterbetter?  The internal LEDs should be set very dim, and can they be red?