03 August 2015

One Last Piece

I had contemplated a final prime above 100mm to complete my set.  I sought something curious, but had no idea what it would be.  I knew it would not be a Pentax 150 or 200mm;  I had owned and sold one of each and did not miss them enough.

Then I saw this.

It's an old T-mount Vivitar preset, a 180mm f/3.5, that comes with a MD adapter but of course can use my K adapter.  It is small but Very dense at ~635g, apparently made by Tamron a long time ago.   It uses 58mm filters and hood that I already have for the 55-300.  It also looks like new despite being just a few years younger than me, introduced when Kennedy was President!  Soligor also made a 189/3.5, but it looks a lot different. 

So it fits well with current gear and fills the prime gap between 100 and 400mm with a unique instrument.  Why not bid?

My bid stood alone so it was a bargain that will arrive soon.  I look forward to giving it a try!

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