07 August 2015


Our two computers both received notice that Windows 10 was ready to go.  They have been waiting patiently while others jumped on board, and today was their day.  Such geeky thrills!

While they went off spinning their discs I found the old:new Vivitar 180mm T-mount prime sitting on my porch.  Man it looks good for a lens that's been around for 50ish years!  This sits between the 100 & 400mm on my list of primes, and looks great while doing so.

A bit later I tripped down to Portland then came home via the local post office; they had left the lens but failed to leave my wife's new:old iPhone 4s (signature required).  Her patience with Android methods has worn out and she likes her iPod, so new tech has arrived.  While my 'droid time has been OK I've had issues with group messaging my siblings, so tomorrow is also geekday when my mint-used 4s arrives.  Never expected that day would arrive.. just don't ask me to love iTunes.

Before bed I finally managed to use my Win8.1 tablet when it had a full charge and all its 8.1 updates.  I found its reserve-Win10 notice and sure enough it was ready to download ..so  it's on Windows 10 now too!

 One long geeky day.