20 July 2015


  • Just like that: I decided, posted and sold the DA40 in about an hour 
  • Also one copy of the 18-55wr is leaving soon* 
  • and The K-s1 white body arrived while I was packing up the lenses!  

I'll be back in learning mode for a while with the new K-s1 - maybe I'll even read the manual!  It's a small and solid camera, with control dial and 4-way pad crowding each other but everything else looks good (buttons are not where I expect - yet).  After ten minutes the settings are where I like them, but no doubt a few new ones await my discovery.  A firmware update is already out so that's up next.

It's handy that my K-r battery fits, no waiting just plug & play!  Another nice update: the nearly-ubiquitous micro USB port instead of having a micro-D cable for cameras only.  Well done!  USB3 would have been nice but this will do fine.
  • Just like that II: 18-55 is sold, and
  • I picked up a 'used' FluCard for the K-s1!
The FluCard is Pentax' wireless-transfer mechanism for a few recent cameras, now endangered thanks to the K-s2 and its interal WiFi.  This card also allows for remove viewing/shooting via smartphone.  I barely touched that option on the NX300 but it could be fun for kittens and other critters.  And oh yeah, the FluCard is also a 'normal' 16GB memory card so it's not all wireless fun!

* Why sell the 18-55WR?  I already own a white 18-55 DAL that would almost match the K-s1 - but it has a broken mount.  I found a spare online for $19, not an awful price  but a black DAL lens cost $20! Easy choice = another kit zoom in the closet, a WR kit lens became available to sell and the price was right.