06 July 2015

Fun with numbers III

Yes even with Roman numerals!

I feel like Portland's NBA franchise right now as I wheel and deal in search of the Right Fit.  They are doing this right now to fill behind the dearly-departed LaMarcus Aldridge .. so why not join them?

As noted previously, I allowed a DA* zoom to depart, traded for two Limited primes.  The DA15 is ideal for me (mind control, already?) and the DA40 is a great little lens.  It's clearly better than my humble A50mm f/2 - but are other needs more glaring, like maybe the big gap from 50 to 135mm?  While the DA70 pairs nicely with the 40 it's too near the 50mm for my tastes.  Perhaps find an excellent 85-100mm prime, keep the 50 and allow the 40 to go in another trade?  Like a base-salary bench warmer the 50 and 135mm lenses have no decent market value, unlike the DA 40.

Hmmm: right on cue: someone is selling their Tamron 90 macro in order to buy Limited primes.  That sounds like a fine trade opportunity that would fill my largest gap and bring 1:1 macro back into the bag, so I'd be picking up a two-position lens with great versatility.  *Update* - the trade negotiations did not pan out so instead I picked up an 'experienced' former star: a KEH "Ugly"-grade smc-M 100/2.8.  No macro but talented and small, which I always like!

The M100 and I have a history, in fact I traded another copy away last season.  This and the M85 f/2 compete for the mid-tele slot much like the DA55-300 and Sigma 100-300 have dueled in the past for the telephoto zoom position.  I'm convinced now that the 55-300 is superior despite its slower focusing, and that the 85 and 100 are sufficiently similar not to worry (or spend!) too much for 15mm and one-stop difference.  For now this is a fine fit for me, so my work here is done.

And so here, yet again, is my kit!
Pentax primes: DA15/4 - K24/2.8 - DA40/2.8 - M100/2.8 -  A50/2 and M135/3.5 in reserve
Pentax Zooms: DAs 18-55WR, 55-300L --  for sale: DAs 10-17, 17-70
off-brand zooms: Vivitar 35-105 f/3.2-4 one-touch, JCPenney 80-200 f/3.5

OK that's enough fake 'roundball' talk.  It isn't my favorite sport, not even top-3.. but for pro sports it's all Portland has.