22 March 2014

better tests of the SMC 17

I met a fellow camera-forum member on the Portland waterfront and we compared lenses for an hour or so.  The 17mm Fish-Eye did fine work, and compares decently with the DA14 and DA15 primes.  The field of view fits just between those two lenses thanks to its allowance of distortion at the edges, and since it's a film-era lens it can go still wider on my ME film body (the DA series is built to cover aps-c sensors only, so they would go black at the edges with film).  Detail was good, flare visible but not destructive, and close-up abilities are pretty impressive.  A fun time was had by ... both!

yes, this bridge deck is actually level...

this is shot from just a few inches away!


Jason Doss said...

Your images look kind of unsharp. What do you think about the overall sharpness of the K17? It's been on my wishlist for a while.

granitix said...

I know that the flower shot was not focused precisely, as I was leaning over a steep edge to get that shot. I haven't really blown these up for full viewing yet. I'll need to give it more scrutiny, but when I use it I'm quite happy with it.