12 February 2014

the importance of timing

Wow: the 21Ltd and 105macro sold immediately upon listing... due mostly to a price discount for the pair, which was irresistible.  So now the DA18-135 is paid for, that's a relief.  I'll miss those two primes, but perhaps in a year or so they will come 'round again.

I must accept that, after trying several dedicated macro lenses, that's not a style that holds my attention for long.  Hmmm 'several' = Sigma 50, Tamron 90, Promaster 100, Sigma 105 - oh yes, the SMC-M 100mm f/4 as well!

And so I'm down to SMC-A 24, DA40xs and 70Ltd¹ primes, along with 8mm and 400mm bookends.  I plan to keep these, and maybe pick up a 135/3.5 for longer shots; I love the size of that lens, and stopped down a click it does fine work.  Another option would be a short TC, we'll see about that; I had one before and seldom used it, but with the 40 and 70 it could be .. interesting.

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¹ Five hours later the DA70 is gone!  Losing that one hurts, but I received some cash and a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 as consolation. The zoom nearly matches the DA70 for speed and fills many focal lengths I use with f/2.8 speed when needed - and will do great closeups to boot.  The K-5ii has an f/2.8-aware AF sensor too, so it will be made use of!  Yup the 28-75 is a bit of a beast (relative to most of my kit) at 500g + 67mm filters, and no weather seals - but when the need arises this will be put to good use!