26 February 2014

closeup thoughts

In the past few months I had been thinking about macro options that did not require a dedicated lens.  I have owned several now and like them, but not enough to pay the premium price they command nor the bulk they exact in my bag.

img from thecamerasite.net
 I picked up a few closeup filters but I am not convinced this is my answer.  I then stumbled into the Vivitar 2x teleconverter with a dial to make an adjustable extension tube of it.  These are not a new thing but it sounds interesting and has some potential!  Prices vary a lot on these, and they come with and without auto-aperture contacts.  I suppose I could punch out the optics if desired; we'll see about that.

Well a decent price came along for the 'A' version today, so I'm in.  Time will tell how it suits me.  It will be fun to see the DA40 xs as a tiny 80mm f/5.6 macro lens, and the 56-150 Tamron too :-)  And heck, the 50mm f2 would be nice also as a 100mm f/4!