25 January 2014

tool, or toy? we shall see..

I've (re)joined the Android tablet crowd.  My previous venture was not quite a tablet, it was the color Nook; Android beneath, but Barnes and Noble kept that secret well hidden behind their firmware!

Given a tight budget, I was torn between the well-liked Nexus-7 (2012 refurbished) or a 10-inch Asus (closeout); each had something I liked, but neither was quite the right one.  I then searched a review site for the best battery life, and up came the ASUS HD 7 tablet: mostly like the 2012 Nexus-7 but with a memory slot.  That allows me to move a microSD card from camera to tablet.  Other tablet sites were a bit less impressed than the first on one item or another, but the majority agreed that if you must spend less than $200 this was a very good choice.  In fact it sells for under $150, making it a still-better choice!

I chose green but let's face it - that looks like lemon-chartreuse to me.  Well, it's less likely to hide from me in that color!