29 January 2014

200th post, this better be good!

Well one can dream :^) 

It's new, and it's green! 

The ASUS HD 7 tablet is here! For one who only uses Android on a phone it's quite an update (for iPad users, not) - larger screen, decent resolution + faster updating, and a newer Android version (4.2.?? rutabaga soufflè or some such). I picked the green, which is almost chartreuse but on the green side; presumably it will be hard to misplace, though once a cover goes 'round it matters not. Now I can waste time in any room I please, and not have to rush to the 'office' to look at something stupid or irrelevant online. Yes I do occasionally do something productive on computers, like lots of research on which tablet to buy :^)

Pentax kit update

Maybe this time my list will last more than two weeks - though rumors are floating now of the 18-70 DA DC WR ETC update.  It was once a DA* 16-85, then DA no*, now of lesser range though decently fast.  I would prefer a 17-85 f/3.5-4.5 DA DC WR myself but we'll see how rumors settle out during the coming weeks.  If this can be had for substantially less than the DA 20-40 DC WR LTD then I am probably in.  I dislike having a lens that stops around 50mm!

Primes: Rokinon 8 fisheye - Pentaxi DA21 Ltd, DA40xs, DA70 Ltd - Sigma 105 1:1 macro - Hanimar 400mm preset
Zooms: DA L 18-55 (white), Quantarays 28-90 1:2 macro & 100-300 (both full frame), Pentax DA WR 50-200