21 October 2012


OK I've dated myself - even post-dated perhaps? 
"Uncle" was a term that meant "I've had enough, stop now" in bygone days.  Ah well...

Time to pull the plug on lens changes ASAP.  I let the 18-135 go, as the recent hike made it clear that in good weather I'd prefer primes.  I picked up yet another 18-55WR for foul-weather shooting; this not only good enough for me but nicer on the lens fund and much more compatible with my 52mm filter set!

I also bit the bullet and picked up a used DA70 Limited to keep the DA40 company.  So much for that lens fund, and hence the cry of "uncle"!  This pair squeezes out the 50mm Sigma macro and puts the 100mm Promaster in charge of extreme closeups, and light tele duties too for that matter.  Two of Pentax' famous Limited pancake primes, a fully-manual but very talented 28mm and a flyweight 'plastic fantastic' 100mm macro, with a fisheye for just the right moments and two venerable SMC-M small telephotos when the DA55-300 seems inappropriate.  Hmmm, well that could happen I suppose... ?

A few others can go now too, though for the price of postage it might not be worth the effort - but we'll see.  A couple of other 50mm lenses should go besides the macro - though perhaps the 50mm/1.7 'A' or f/2 'M' lens should stick around for times when f/2.8 won't do.  Given the hi-ISO talents of the K-5 though, those times are impressively rare!

So today's roster, sorted by filter size:
49mm* - DA40, SMC-A 50/1.7, DA70, SMC-M 135mm
52mm* - Rikenon 28mm + 70-150, SMC-M 200mm (all fully manual), DA18-55WR
58mm - DA55-300
nosuch - Sigma 15mm fisheye

* I have a 49-52mm step ring so I can pretend these are equivalent.  Somewhere I have a 52-58 step as well, if I really feel like leaving filters at home!