26 October 2012

Letting go... ?

As noted in the recent past, it's time to call the buy/sell struggle a draw.  I have several great lenses, and messing further with the lineup will bring change but not improvement.  Several of the second-tier lenses are really cool and fun to use but let's face it: old coatings will not perform like the new stuff and autofocus with quick-shift override beats manual efforts on most of my shots.  The Rikenon 28mm is going nowhere (for now) but several 'old favorites' must become someone else's favorites now.

A fine example is the Rikenon XR 70-150.  I've really liked this lens since I first won the bid, and it has several features I really like such as internal zoom, fixed f/4, 52mm filters and the built-in hood.  Honestly though, the DA55-300 beats it everywhere that matters, with much more range less weight and modern coatings.  While not as compact as the SMC-M 135/3.5 and 200/4, they really are duplicates that I won't use enough to justify their coolness.

Another that I hate to see go is the excellent Sigma 50/2.8 macro.  The 100mm Promaster can do 1:1 with its adapter and for the few times I want more range I can just pack the 55-300 and be done.

We'll see how the deals go down - but it's time to move on!

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And yet, on the very next day, I ordered an SMC-A 24mm lens. 
This was in the KEH 'ugly' bin so the price was nice, and I've yet to learn of anyone dissatisfied with an UG -grade lens from them.  Since folks (including me!) can send it back and no harm done how can one be unhappy?  If this lens is typical optically I won't worry about Ugly -but the well-liked Rikenon 28 will be at risk and fully-manual shooting will become entirely optional.  But let's wait and see - I remember reading once that "it's time to move on!".  The Sigma 50 has sold already; so it begins.

Update  - I still have the two Rikenons (28 and 70-150) but most other sale items have sold - so the clutter has lessened.  The SMC-A24 is a real gem.  The next post explains why the Lumix GF2 has also sold!