27 October 2011

turnovers part II

If you go back to my March post you'll see how I sold my K-7 and 18-135 to improve the household budget. I settled in with a k200d and was satisfied.. for a while. The budget crunch eased a bit, a like-new k-x became available - and off I went again. The k-x became a k-r, and several lenses came swiftly. Some were bargains, others simply irresistible - but the result was too many lenses, especially considering that family health issues kept us from traveling to photogenic places. I took some great shots of the yard and my bike commutes to work.. but any camera could do such things justice.

Those medical bills have tightened our belts again, so here I am in a familiar spot - out with the new, in with another k200d! Other than a WR 18-55 (maybe next paycheck?) I have most focal lengths covered, and a few elder primes remain from the sell-off. To some degree I'm settling for old gear - but the k200d is an impressive camera, and while not a low-light champ the 10Mpixel sensor will meet my needs (like it did when its twin sat in my A200). It's also weather resistant, which is almost always a good thing here in the Pacific NW.

Looking back on my previous images with the k200d (like the one above), I see good images and memories of less stressful times. I'm looking forward to tacking many more images under the k200d banner!