09 October 2011

the great purge of early fall 2011

Can I really hold to it this time? Will I actually reduce both the lens count and the focal-length redundancy that sits on shelves around me? Let's find out!

In the past week several lenses have departed, a few more are being considered, and a few leftovers will head for the donation bin. In some cases I have purchased 'replacements' - similar lenses found at bargain prices, but not a true purge in the technical sense.. :^)

When this is over the number of prime lenses will drop to 2 or 3, and zooms to 3 or maybe 4: not exactly sure yet which will win out. That's a sad commentary since I've owned a couple of them before and sold them, so how can I not know which I prefer?? Well, that too is technical - meaning I don't understand it either. Some days it's vital they all take 52mm filters, other days I'm compelled to go with the most versatile, or most compact, or ... like I said, I cannot explain what isn't clear to me, so enough. It does feel good to feed the credit-card bill though, that needed to happen.

Update - a week later and the shelves are nearly bare. Two zooms and three primes remain (but that count includes just one of three 50mm choices - still hoping for a sale or two to clean that mess up!).

going, going..

Another week later and the count is now one AF zoom (DA50-200, surprise!), the Rikenon 70-150 f/4 and three primes: 28/2.8, 50/1.4 and 135/3.5. That's it (note counting two tired zooms headed for the donation box). Also just the G1 body, as the k-r has been returned to its VISA origins. I will bid very low for a while and hope to return to Pentax, but for now this needs to be it. Surprises me to be here, but it will do for now.