11 February 2011

twelve birds, six stones..

What an aggravating day today, photographically. I'm trying to decide on Pentax v. micro4:3, trying to decide Lumix 45-200 v. M.Zuiko 40-150.. and now GH1 v. G1 as well. That's a lot of permutations, but I'm trying to get a few test shots that might illumine a few things of note.

I took my K-7 and the 18-135 to the office, hoping for better tests on that combo. It was another grey day, less fog but dense high clouds. I broke out the camera just before lunch, and found the SD card was still in the computer at home. That hurt, but then I remembered the little pouch with spare 4GB Lexar cards in my pack: hooray!
They were not there.
Pouch yes, but no chips.
It will be most interesting to learn which parallel universe those dropped into, as their sole purpose in life was to cover my .. tracks when this sort of thing happens. So no tests & a more relaxing lunchtime, at which I sent away the Rikenon 135mm lens. Time to trim the collection a bit as I decide what system fits me best.