19 February 2011

a few more G1/GH1 tests


I tried to force the two Lumices to show me their worst today: RAW mode & underexposed to show me grain and banding. They obliged well enough, with the G1 showing enough red chroma noise to unbalance the image slightly to the warm side. The GH1 was more color-neutral, but stronger banding is apparent on the shady side of the mailbox. In either case the jpg images were nice and clean, and a moment's PP would make the RAW images better.

I then put the G1 and GH1 to a slightly different test, trying both at 45mm on the 14-45 and 45-200. All were shot at f/6.3, though two were shot at -1EV and two at 0 - but that allows other things to reveal themselves (like the tree branches above the car). I'm going to give the prize to my 14-45 as slightly better at 45mm. Both are very good though!

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