01 January 2011

realignment for 2011

I've been trying to dispose of some PK manual lenses for a while, and it seems a few are about to move. I saw a 45-200 lens for the G1 at keh.com, and offered them a few items that combine to a similar value, so the G1 system will soon cover the 35mm equivalent of 28-400 (the Pentax does 24-450). In neither case should I be playing with anything over 200-250mm equivalence, not without tripod or monopod.. but they're available if I feel lucky. I'm quite happy with the Pentax' 50-200WR and may let the 55-300 go soon; if the 18-55WR tests well I might contract to 27mm equivalence for the weather resistance. We're planning to take a short anniversary trip in a few weeks, so it will be nice to get out and play.. even if the cameras stayed home that would be true!