26 January 2011

curious timing (2 lenses)

For the 1st and presumably last time ever, I received two lenses on the same day - for two different camera systems! I actually had the 45-200 Lumix in hand for a while, but my wife commandeered it for a birthday gift. On that day my Pentax 18-55wr arrived at last. It should have arrived three weeks earlier, but an inferior 81-55 DAL came instead; after shipping it back (for free) and talking with the company, my WR is now here. Too late for the planned fourth-anniversary trip, but the weather was so poor we didn't go outside anyway so no big loss. I never thought I would own two interchangeable-lens systems at one time, so the odds of receiving a micro-4/3 and Pentax lens on the same day will be quite small!
Now for a mess of tests..