04 December 2010

two systems? me?

Several things make the K-7 an amazing camera, things the G1 cannot touch. Larger sensor means wide-angle shots are easier, and weather resistance & durability are big deals.. some times. So I plan to limit the Pentax kit to 14mm Sigma, 16-45 and 50-200WR for now, and pick up a 45-200 OIS lens. I might "need" to swap my Sigma 14mm for an 8mm Samyang too, which can adapt as a 16mm equivalent on the G1. Hard to say which is the better backpacking camera though: durable and heavy + longer battery life, or small/light, presumably more fragile, and 2nd battery?

Could I not simply have adapted to Sony's offerings six months ago, had a bit more patience? That sub has sailed and submerged, so I don't often look back. If I'd had no A200 experience, the A5xx series would have likely served me well.. but I did, and it didn't. Becoming a 2-system owner was in no way part of my plans.. but given the Casio cam I was doing it anyway, just in denial.

We'll see what happens next!