01 December 2010

K7 & G1 part 2: working with RAW

Interesting how the sensors did with the same image scale and exposure. G1's WB was very close, but I manually set the K-7 WB so jpg images look better on the surface. Both 1/13s f/7.1 handheld and iso1250, K-7 at 34mm and G1 at 25mm. I just took the shot and processed in Elements IX to get a pleasant image. I felt no need to go to extremes by working on the iso2000 images, which I also shot. Also took iso160 shots, and must say the G1 image is less blurry in the one-off shootout at ~0.6 seconds.


The K-7 needed massive chroma NR, while the G1 needed less of both sliders. Interesting how the patterns on the star and the wall behind it are so different; I really could not get them to match. Let's face it though, I gave each less than 10 minutes in the 'darkroom' - however, I seldom do 1/2 hour processes so it was a fairly typical session.

Do I see a winner? Not exactly, not with this test shot. I prefer the K-7 image slightly better, the wall reflection is more correct with that shot. (BTW it's the upper one!) Both are very good and capable of more precise work; I used a saturation mask on both w/some transparency but no erasing. I really need to learn more about psE IX as it didn't do as I expected when I tried to erase! In any case: no strong winner, which by most folks' standards means a win for the smaller sensor on the G1. Let's not forget the 12.1M vs 14.6M-pixel sensor difference, which I ignored when I cropped the two images to match scale.

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