28 January 2009

what a winter!

The latest official report is that Portland's up to 23.2 inches of total snowfall this winter. For PDX, that's a lot: #15 on our snowiest winters*. In my lifetime only 1968 rises higher, #9 at 34" - but no white Christmas in '68, and no flakes on my birthday so there. Speaking of which, we're nearly through the gauntlet of holidays now: Christmas, anniversary, birthday, then Valentines Day (no, Super Bowl Sunday doesn't count :^). We celebrated quietly at a local Irish pub which serves gluten-free beer. The next morning we had about 2" on the ground, so my birthday saw plenty of flakes and overnight accumulation! Add about an inch more on the 27th and that's where we stand. Here is a particularly nice image from the most recent storm:

So now it's on to February - wonder if we can find 10.81 more inches of snow?

*I just noticed that, if you remove 19th-century reports from the list, we're #5!