22 January 2009

home again, time for more parties..

We had a fine time in Centralia for our 2nd anniversary! Amtrak and McMenamins' Olympic Club did the work, we just went along for the ride. The Club is an old-style place, stuck in the early 20th century when water closets and showers were down the hall. We wandered through downtown and picked up a few fine antiques including a nice old mantel-clock, had great meals and watched the latest Bond flick before turning in Sunday night. It's a two-hour train ride and a one-block walk from downtown Portland to the Olympic Club, and mostly-clear skies kept things chilly but pretty all weekend.
Now it's on to the next event. Sadly, I felt crummy on Inauguration Day, when we had hoped to go join a local celebration; my wife was crushed, for a while. Now it's my birthday and time to party again - I'm not 100 percent but will do my best to be energetic this weekend. What a stretch this past month has been!

A few shots of the fun can be found Here!