16 December 2008

party like it's .. 1968?

I've lived in Portland my whole life, and only one year stands out as truly wintry in a snow sense: 1968. A friend went to Hawaii for the holidays & I promised to keep a journal. It went sorta like this:
  • 12/19 snow, which stuck around a few days
  • 12/24-25 warm rain = muddy brown Christmas
  • 12/26 Huge snowstorm w/drifts
  • 12/30 Another one atop the first pile!  Icicles on the roof as tall as me!

It was amazing.  Now it's 2008 and I've never seen anything quite like it. We had snow this past weekend, a mere inch or three, but it hasn't left. We may get six inches tomorrow, or two, or icy rain, or ??? And another snowstorm is expected Sunday. Could it be a repeat, at last? Doesn't take much to get this old kid excited.. please visit for shots of the first event, and perhaps other events soon!

On another topic, we held a nice brunch at our home this past weekend. Friends, neighbors, co-workers and the like dropped by and brought food - a fun day!