21 December 2008

* never mind *

After two failed storms, the third one that began early Saturday morning and continues as I write (Sunday 6PM) is the charm.  This now rivals 1968 as my biggest snowstorm here - two monsters (by local standards) in my fifty-one years in Portland.  Drop in on the PDXsnow site for pretty pictures!  Foot-tall drifts were sealed overnight in 1/8" of ice, but the air cooled again and we're back into snow for the forseeable future - a white Christmas like I've never seen.  We have had snowfall, and perhaps even an inch or two (1990 comes to mind), but even 1968 failed to produce thanks to a warm rain on Christmas Eve and day.  For me, this really is without precedent!
The sad part is that we had high hopes of Christmas in Anacortes this year - with each forecast showing cooler weather, it's pretty much an impossible 250-mile drive.  Even Amtrak chose not to head north last night, and I'm not sure they felt any better about it today.  Therefore, I'm off all week, "stuck" at home, with snow to play in and snowshoes/skis to play with.  My wife can use the snowshoes, I'll just shuffle along beside her.  O what fun!