24 July 2008

no news but still talking..

Well, I have glasses again - a bit more reflective (not me the glasses :) but they'll do nicely. I also found another gore-tex hiking hat for $10, not as stylish as the mustard-colored wonder ($30) but again it'll do. I'm waiting for a classic lens to arrive for my digital slr, a Minolta 35-105mm ("new" style); that will act like a 52-156 mini-telephoto in 35mm equivalence. They stopped making these in 1990 or so (the "old" style was from 1985, I believe), but it's reputed to be in original condition. I need to stop buying lenses for a while; I nearly didn't get this but for backpacking it is small and light, supposedly like new, and a great complement to my 17-35 zoom. Speaking of hikes: my bride and I continue to recover from ailing knees (tendonitis & bursitis respectively), and our hiking season has been drastically altered.

The photo at right shows the beer* I had tonight - it fit extremely well in my hand, and bottles should Not do that! The bottle has a fine dent that feels quite spooky, like I had partly crushed it.. but like I say, it felt really nice.

* Oh, I hadn't mentioned that I have celiac disease, no wheat/rye/barley products for me. The 'beer' above is made from fermented sorghum, and I thank Anheuser-Busch for making Redbridge Ale for people like me. Five years ago when I made my own beer you'd have never heard that from me; but times change..