12 July 2008

Aggravations & exhilirations
While on the way to replace the lost glasses, I lost a week-old GoreTex hat -- arrgh. Then on Thursday my wife and I went hiking with co-workers, and I lost a large lens-cap for my camera. Seems that things are just trying to get away from me!
On Friday, we went north to see Stevie Wonder at the White River Amphitheater - great stuff! We got back to PDX around 3AM, it's now 9 and I should be sleeping.. ah well. Legs are feeling the ache from the hike (climb!) of Dog Mt in the Gorge, where my lens-cap awaits. I'm 0-2 on lost and found (glasses & hat), so will need to shop for a new lens cover soon. Took a few fine shots of Mt. Rainier, only to find today that I had dust on the sensor. Seems that I'm complaining a lot, must get my mind right...