12 August 2015

we are all gathered here..

The wedding went off well, gear-wise.  I carried the K-s1 and shot with K24 and DA15, with a pinch of DFA50 thrown in.  Mostly for video but a few still images managed to sneak in as well.  One of the Qs stood in a corner and filmed somewhat continuously, though I left a gap during dinner.  Now to assemble it all into a coherent presentation..

And here at last is the 'full' lineup!

The primes: DA15Ltd, SMC24, DFA50 1:1 Macro, SMC-M100 and Vivitar 180mm f/3.5 T-mount preset.
Not shown: Hanimar 400 T-mount preset (it wouldn't fit).

And the zooms: DALs 18-55 and 55-300, and two oldies but speedys:
Vivitar/Kobori 35-105 f/3.2-4 and JCPenney 80-200 f/3.5!

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