another team photo..

14-42ii, 8mm/3.8 fisheye, stacked Lumix 14/2.5 and  Σ·30/2.8, Lumix 45-150

Here it stands as of this evening. Whether it is here next week, or next month - who can say? Finances are tight, again, and a few items are listed for sale in a few places. I do not need 14-42 and the two nice primes, and it is my fervent wish that the GX1 leave and the GX7 remain - but we shall see if any offers roll in.

I hate this process, and hope that this era of collection and disbursement will end very soon.


small change

I've been looking over the fisheye options for the GX system. My recent preference was the 7Artisans f/2.8 model, but someone sold their nameless C-class option at a further discount. Given recent news on the dental-expense front, I figured it was now (barely), or never to buy the lowest-cost option.
So here it is!

It arrived today just as I was heading to town. Smoke was drifting near the sun as the east wind blew smoke out of the Eagle Creek fire in the Columbia Gorge - a fine time for this lens to arrive and capture it. Hopefully the weekend rains will give that fire a serious dousing as the terrain is very difficult for fire-fighting.

reconnecting with GX7

The GX7 has found its way back into my kit.
taken with GX1 and Sigma 30/2.8

Having done the GX7-GX1-GX7 return loop, I now understand better what an improvement the Seven really is. The rather primitive GX1 touchscreen took a major step forward in usability, using stabilized primes is wonderful, and internal features like time-lapse and EV-4 focus are not always needed but really great to have.

I've been rereading the books and e-books about using the GX7 and re-watching videos about the feature set. It sure was a well-liked camera when it came out! Although the silver/chrome combo with the 14-42 is a poor match in good light, I do like the camera's satin chrome finish over the all-black that I had before.


aftermath of the Shadow's passing

cropped and re-leveled but not really processed.. yet!

Since the eclipse on 21.August, several changes have occurred in many types of gear.

  • Our largest telescope has sold, 
  • an eyepiece and the Canon A720is sold at the star-party swap meet - and 
  • the K-5 that took the photo above (and many others) has moved to Carolina.

In some ways this was ideal! I got to use the 'scope before it sold and the K-5 was the superior imaging system to have on-site. The GX1 isn't bad by any means, but the K-5 has the better sensor for dynamic range and pixel size - so no complaints here.

and I have the silver 14-42mm lens!
from imaging-resource.com review
These changes allowed me to pick up another bargain GX7. The GX85 and GX8 are tempting in different ways, and I even considered the current deal on the YI-M1 + 12-40mm lens - but for now the familiar and lower-priced GX7 will serve very nicely while other debts are paid down. I enjoyed the GX7 in black but prefer the look of the silver model.

What next for my µ43 kit?
I'd like the set of 7.5/14/20/30 for primes, meaning that a 7.5mm fisheye and 20mm f/1.7 Lumix might be sought in the near future. I've learned of the 7Artisans f/2.8 fisheye which is competitive with the Samyang in many ways for a somewhat lower price, so when the time comes we'll see what prices look like. Also there's no denying the appeal of the 60mm Sigma and even the 100-300 Lumix.. but the 45-150 is both talented and tiny so it will be sufficient for now. I still have a K-mount copy of the Quantaray 100-300, which is less convenient than the Lumix version but somewhat stabilized on the GX7 so that's fine too.
Also: focus peaking is back, how nice!


Busted :¬(

I am forced to admit that Pentax gear brings out the hoarder in me.
I cannot explain it.

With my Sony gear I did my share of swapping lenses, to a lesser degree - but that's not really a surprise since I've used Pentax gear far longer. The latest K-5 purchase spun up an amazing kit in a hurry, at great prices - yet once again it was more kit than I could really afford. The acquisitive feelings are still with me in the micro43 world, but I have managed to be a bit more resistant.
Is that from years of practice, the system itself, or something else entirely?
Hard to say.

I really want to just love one system that does everything - but without more funding that's just not possible. And Pentax is such a good fit for me, thanks both to their design philosophy and my spending enough time in the system to make it work well for me.

I suspect that a some amount of gear should go pretty soon. Again.
Will I choose wisely this time? Hope so!