05 May 2017

Tempting items

I have been beset with opportunities to modify my camera kit. I dumped some gear when buying the 20mm pancake and a check is on its way.

But wait:how about some gear instead of cash?
  •  I could have grabbed a 14/2.5 Lumix instead of cash, allowing the trio of 14-20-30 to fill in for the 12-60. Wait a moment, wasn't the 12-60 the main reason I now use µ43 gear at all?? Why am I avoiding it, especially when reviews praise it at the wide settings in particular? Strike one.
  • My copy of the Pentax 18-250 was turned down and will be returned. Bummer since I have no body for it. Oh wait they have a used K-5 at a great price! Right, 2 systems again. Worse yet the µ43 kit. has a wx-sealed lens but not body and Pentax would be reversed. So get a cheap WR lens.. thereby refuting the 18-250 as an excuse for the body. Strike two.
  • Something else perhaps, a cheaper K body or a Sigma 60 for the gx7? No thank you. Keep reminding myself that the check is paying for the 20mn I already have, not free cash to blow on more stuff.
So the blog was silent despite these temptations!
I just wanted the record to be clear.