04 February 2017

spousal considerations

I was reluctantly attempting to sell the GM1 to get us through the last weeks before our refinancing - but my wife knocked over the box of sale items and inquired about the amazing little camera. When she saw its possibilities, she pronounced it superior to the NX300 I bought for her last year. With her bizarre health circumstances light weight is a major factor - and lighter lenses + GM1 = winner.

So we're back to selling off the fast-depreciating NX gear. It's great stuff but Samsung declared them orphans a year or two ago, so only those truly addicted to the system will seek backup bodies for future use. Perhaps I can find those users, but most likely I will barter them off to a used site for a second Lumix body. Thankfully I did not pay much for the NX setup so I cannot lose a large amount!

So this also streamlines the second-body question.
I think my best choice now becomes a nicely-used GX7, since the GM1 uses the same imaging components inside a smaller body. That way we can take 'identical' images, which is what my wife wants us to do while she learns the basics of imaging. For several different reasons I'd prefer a GX85 or GX8 - but a used GX7 will be easier to trade for at most used shops.
In theory.

Many GX7 users who updated to a higher level have complained that the feature set is better but the interface is not quite as good.  The GX8 has weather seals that I'd love to have, the GX85 has a new shutter that removes fear of 'shutter shock', a condition that causes far more worry than blurred photos.

No matter: for now the GX7 will do just fine.
Hopefully in silver..

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