19 June 2016

changing direction, aka swerving

After a few attempts to get the best-value combination of micro-43 gear, I made a decision yesterday.

I bought one of the last new em10 bodies (silver like this one!) and will let the em5 go. Primarily this is a convenience move: the em10 uses epl5 batteries this shift is quite practical. I have already tried to stuff an em5 battery into the epl5, which is a problem, especially with micro-43's shorter battery life. Even more interesting are the new features that the 'lesser' em10 brings to the table compared to the elder, 'more talented' em-5* e.g. live-composite and interval shooting. Those could definitely be useful.. plus it crowds my Pentax gear a bit more with the interval modes.

OK so now the em10 and pl5 are the new dream team for my wife and I.  The 14-42 and 40-150 are the lenses of choice, though I'd prefer a smaller tele like the Lumix 35-100 or 45-150mm.  I've one of the latter coming to compare with my 40-150, we'll
monox.JP image
see how that goes.. assuming the Oly doesn't sell first. And it could, as I have posted that lens and the em5 in a sales site or two. I've also bid on a few 14-140mm Olympus bodies, but no luck so far.  That's not a bad thing, since as I've said before that Panasonic zoom rotation is more familiar to me because all my Pentax zooms turn that way.  I had already made a false start with the 12-32mm, perhaps I will need to find another - or splurge in a few months on the 12-60!  Oh what fun.

* Every camera maker has this same problem: newer bodies incorporate more features yet use parts at a lower cost, so lower-spec cameras have features before the same company's flagship bodies! In Olympus' case the em5 came out and amazed, the em1 came with the top-end specs, then the 'base' em10 came with several em1 features and a few new items that neither had. Oly quickly came out with a 5-II to address the imbalance, and an em1-II will arrive soon. No matter - tech will continue to march on and keep this game going. Pentax' new K-70 has the same problem, surpassing the K-3ii in many ways as the top APSc body.