18 January 2016

a rough day ends OK

The last 24 hours were not comfortable.  Stomach troubles, ringing in my ears - and a dead camera.
Fortunately the camera was resurrected today!  I'll just let the story repeat here:

I've installed many firmware updates on many cameras without issue, even with SD cards half-full of pictures.  Maybe I'll remember this event and be more careful in the future: empty cards with one update at a time installed on them, use a truly fully-charged battery (which always seems silly for a 3-minute process.. until it isn't) and more diligence so that later I don't ask myself "did I really see that last screen appear that said it was done?".

So now we have two NX300 bodies, two NX lenses and a PK-NX adapter.  My wife will get the first like-new body that came with the 20-50 zoom but she can have the 16-50PZ; I will use the not-dead-yet one with the 20-50 and we can fight over the adapter.  In truth she isn't ready to play yet so really  it's all mine!!! :^)

Now if I can just stop the ringing & enjoy some food..

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