25 December 2015

thanks kitties!

The Christmas gifts under our tree included two AF-able extension tubes from Duncan and Zuzu.  This is the one method of shooting close that I had yet to try: screw-on diopter lenses, Vivitar's 2xTC with 'macro' adjustment, true macros and tight cropping really did not 'take' with me.  It's curious that I had never tried tubes so it should prove interesting to see how often I bring them along.  For m4:3 just two tubes are common, 10mm and 16mm.

My first tests were using the 12-32 zoom; it's handy that these tubes include AF contacts, since no manual mode exists for this tiny zoom.  And wow are these closeups close!  I quickly backed off from the 16mm to the 10 in order to reveal a bit more context in the shots.  This image is of another gift (Carolans Irish Cream that came boxed with two glasses) and only a tiny part of the bottle can be seen!  That is fruit juice in the glass, BTW - not a creamy alcoholic mix..

I've yet to try them with the 45-150 (nor the incoming Sigma 30/2.8) so the results from additional tests will be informative.