19 June 2015

Power Team

My LLfaW arrived today¹ - the DA10-17 Fish-Eye.  First tests look nice, and this will get some wide use as a nearly-normal lens.  Really though it's a specialty item for creative imaging.  I was seeking a nice 14-16mm prime to round things out, but the price on this was quite nice.

The zoom combo of 10-17fe, 17-70, 50-135 and 55-300 make a fine collection, and one that I cannot afford to improve even if I wanted to.  And if I wanted to.. what would change?  The 17-70 is the weak spot only for complaints about its AF (SDM motor issues and some complaints on accuracy above 50mm) and lack of full weather seals, and so far my copy is doing fine.  Although filter size is not a strong reason to keep a lens, it's nice that the 17-70 and 50-135 take the same filters for simplicity's sake.  While I'd like more range than the 55-300 offers, I will manage by cropping.

I've tried many lenses in all these ranges: xx-300, fisheye primes, nearly every wide-normal not sized 17-50 and the Sigma 50-150.  Given what I've learned from all my dealing I am very satisfied with these!  When WR below 50mm is vital I still have my 18-55wr, so I'm set with 18-135mm in the rain (though on a K-r) and 10-300mm for fair-weather zooming.  The 17-70 has a single seal-like ring on the mount, so it may die in wet weather but the body might be safe -- I hope never to test that!!

As for primes - I have 24 50 and 135mm, similar to the classic film trio -  plus a 400mm f/6.3 preset.  One more below 24mm would be ideal, but only a few Samyang models and the DA14/15 are enough different from the 24.  Something in the 200-250mm range would be cool, and some day I'll find a bargain 300-400mm f/5.6 catadioptric mirror lens for compact entertainment.  I admit that I'd prefer 40+70 to replace the humble 50/2.  However: none of this dreaming will result in new lenses in the immediate future - hence the LLfaW tag on the DA10-17!

¹ Last Lens for a While