17 November 2014

sweeping changes!

While selling a few good Pentax lenses to 'trim the fat' as it were, I encountered more than one post in the 'Wanted' section. These were for items I planned to keep, but sale items were not moving so why not capitalize on the available interest? So the DA18-55 wr and DAL55-300mm lenses, the two great kit staples, are now gone. Immediately after that, interest bloomed on the other lenses I had expected to go, and the K-01 swap did not happen as the trade options diminished.  Now I have NO Pentax body, several very nice K-primes, and a Samsung NX300 with K-adapter arriving momentarily - and the sale continues.   Wow.   

So where are we now?
  • primes: 17/4, 50/2, 85/2, 90/2.5 1:2*, 135/3.5 
  • zooms: NX 20-50 II, 100-300 
  • future prime: NX 30/2 pancake 
  • future zoom: NX 50-200 III OIS
  • primes for sale: 28/2, *85 or 90 above 
  • zooms for sale: 21-35, 28-90 1:2