21 May 2014

one 'last' tweak

No kit 'tweak' is ever the last one, but knowing that I cannot be jinxed!

Well my bid for another SMC 17mm f/4 won out, so the 'fish-eye problem' is solved.  In the interim someone offered their 18-250 Sigma HSM Macro for below the price of my nice-but-not-amazing DA 18-135wr, so the former was purchased & the latter sold.

When my first da18-135 came along its optical performance at telephoto compared poorly to the Sigma 18-200, but had silent focus and WR to even the score; this improved 18-250 has the silent HSM motor, and 1:3 closeups too.  Guess I need to carry a small umbrella with it, oh well I'll manage.  And yet another 18-55wr will join me in the future.

Why pretend the kit-dealing is over?  Well it's house-dealing time instead, so funds are in voluntary lockup (again?) while that goes on.  I'm pretty happy with what I see anyway.

active status: Sigma 18-250 1:3, k17FE, a50 1:2, stk105, m200, tak300
within reach: qr28-70  out of reach: Rok8FE, a24, q28-90 1:2, q100-300
wish list? An O-GPS1, an 18-55wr.. and perhaps a faster mid-tele zoom (hmmm this 28-70/2.8-4 is pretty fast!)