02 April 2014

April 1st stories

- believe them or not! :^)

Well the taxes are done as of 4/1, and we received some good news.  Retirement income is a new thing to me, and smart software saved us a lot on state taxes!  The Federal return was nearly as simple as before, so that was nice. The result is an overall boost to our budget, coming soon to an account near us.

So given a lessened financial crisis I can stop selling lenses, and perhaps re-acquire a K-5ii.  Those are becoming rare now after 3+ months on the discontinued list - however the iis (sans AA filter) is now at about the same price as remaining II bodies.  So here we go, again!

my three Pentaces

Also once again, the K-01 shifts back to a reserve role.  It's a very talented camera but its tainted reputation wrought by early reviwers makes its resale value quite low.  Ah well, I shall manage.