10 December 2013

shooting in the dark!

First tests with the II show its SAFOX-X AF system is quite impressive.  I took shots of inside my closet where only some large print could be read visually, and focus locked on and the super-16 sensor pulled out the details.  Another shot of a stack of moving-boxes in a dark corner also turned out eerily great, considering just how dim it looked from behind the camera.  This is quite a set, and given the II's talent I can imagine just how the K-3 is impressing early adopters!

The SMC-DA21 Limited is also very nice and will serve fine as my wide option instead of the 18-55 zoom.  Owners have spoken of how well it performs after a service call, so maybe once finances are in order it will keep the K-5 classic company on its trip for the shutter/stumble issue.

Others are now receiving the HD DA20-40mm Limited zoom and are cautiously evaluating, mostly seeing very good results.  That's for later I expect, but not for a while.