07 November 2013

the kit reborn?

So the 50-150 f/2.8 is moving on soon*, and the DA40 Limited is gone.  Never thought the 40 would go, but at 770 grams the 50-150 was a risk I chose to take.  A 450-gram Sigma 105 macro is not a lightweight, but 70+105 fast lenses combined will do well with the DA16-45.  Heck, the 70+105+DA50-200WR weighs a bit more but gives me more range, some weather seals and 1:1 macro!  Yes I'm stretching to justify my actions, but it works for me!

Why am I doing this?  The K-5 II is the new goal.  With the K-5 awaiting repairs & the wet season upon us, a II (or praps a IIs) makes sense... if the price becomes right in the next few months.  I could pick up a classic K-5 but the SAFOX X has a few important upgrades I would like to have:
  • better AF predictions in continuous-AF mode
  • much less light needed for autofocus (-3EV)
  • f/2.8 precision (center point) and 
  • more decisive focusing in nearly all cases
The gapless-screen update will be quite nice as well.

The K-3 has still more updates, but the 24Mpix sensor does not beat the sweet-16 for low-light imaging so more pixels hold less appeal.  Many of the other features (variable AA simulation, better/easier video, USB3) are good but not wildly relevant to me -- well OK a few shifted buttons would be nice.  A larger screen and faster electronic pipeline sounds like battery-life sacrificed as much as anything else.  And even with sale prices, the K-3 will be at twice the price of the basic II.  But hey, the shopping season approaches: if discounts are in the right places and the house is getting a lot of buying attention, who knows where this will end?

Once my K-5 is fixed it may go on the market... or should the K-01 depart?  Keeping the K-5 makes more sense for identical controls, the K-01 has the interesting video and interval-movie setting - but those are also available on the Q!  Acquiring a brand-new II with three years of warranty feels like a good decision - though a better one would be to swear off all imaging 'upgrades' for six months!
Ha ha very funny... and oh yeah just picked up a white 18-55 for the white K-01 :^p

Today's pile of imaging gear:
  • primes: 8 fisheye, 24, 50, 70Ltd, 105 macro, 400 (all manual focus except 70 + 105)
  • zooms: DAs 16-45, 18-55, 50-200wr (28-90 & 100-300 for full frame/film)
  • bodies: K-01, K-5 (needs repairs), Q with 02 zoom and PK adapter

* first sale fell through, try try again..

Update - the 50-150 went through the 2nd time, and is being replaced by a DA21.  Yes this was not needed thanks to the 16-45.  More shuffling in the works; what a surprise.