19 October 2013

YAKU October '13

So here's the kit as of autumn 2013. The K-5 and K-01 have some new optical company!

The top row is the SMC-A 24mm f/2.8 and new Rokinon 8/3.5 fisheye.  This one replaces the Sigma 15/2.8 fisheye, which was crowded out by the DA16-45 f/4 (center of 2nd row, flanked by DA50-200wr and Quantaray 28-90 1:2 macro).  The third row is the Sigma 50-150/2.8, DA70/2.4 and DA40/2.8 Limiteds, and the Quantaray 100-300.  

The 55-300wr has just been announced; that should be a challenge to keep out of my bag -especially now that the 50-150 has covered the DA50-200wr's territory.  Sure wish the Sigma were rated as weather resistant!

The two Quantarays are full-frame friendly and allow 28-300mm on my Pentax ME/SE film body; the 24mm works for film also, as it was intended!

We'll see what 2014 brings!

 * YAKU = Yet Another Kit Update