10 August 2013

must ... stop ... looking

I put some of my kit at risk - and for what?  Well, a fine 105mm Sigma macro that's what.  
The deal didn't happen, so the DA70 (likely my best lens) remains with me.  Whew, I suppose?

I currently own prime lenses that cover 15 to 70mm, and I also cover 16-300mm with three relative-bargain zooms.  When funds are really tight as they are now, trading is all I have to work with - and it is not to be done carelessly.  No doubt a 100mm prime is a fine idea (hey wait didn't I just sell one? o yeah), but letting go of something else on the list isn't wise.  The 15mm fisheye is the most expendable, but not at a fire-sale price  unless the budget is such that I cannot afford to keep it.  For now it can stay at a price that will not hurt too much to part with.

This month's bit of cash went to a set of 49mm filters; time to stop adapting 52mm filters since I have but one matching lens but four that take 49s.  In the past I had the opposite setup, and I somehow failed to send off those filters as the lenses were sold.

Maybe in a few months a manual-focus 100mm is in the cards - but I must shop warily!